Pre-Design Services

Programming, is invaluable in determining the requirements of the project: how many rooms, what function it will have, who will use it and how. It is also the time to analyze your wants, needs, likes and dislikes relative to the project budget. A survey is performed for remodel and addition projects: we take accurate field measurements in order to prepare a set of Existing Conditions Survey (ECS) documents, including floor plans and exterior building elevations as required to perform our Standard Architectural Services. We also perform a zoning review at this time.


Preliminary Design:

After a zoning and building code review, the program is utilized with site data to develop rough sketches, which convey the overall design concept(s). These drawings include elevations, floor plans, and site plan. The sketches are revised and refined until a solution is developed that you agree meets your needs.

Design Development:

More detailed drawings are prepared to illustrate other aspects of the design. Floor Plans and Elevations are finalized. At this point, materials, trim details, finishes, fixtures, appliances, MEP systems and equipment are discussed and included in the drawings. Construction budget estimates may be based on these drawings. During this phase we are available to coordinate and facilitate the various permitting applications and processes.

Construction Documents:

These drawings and specifications are used to obtain the building permit and contractor bids and also in the construction process. They will comply with applicable codes and regulations. These documents include: a site plan, floor plans, elevations, sections, details, schedules for windows, doors, finish, plumbing, and electrical fixtures, a foundation plan, framing plans, and a basic lighting plan.

Bidding Permitting:

Assist owner in soliciting and evaluating general contracting bids. Assist the owner and contractor in obtaining the building permit.

Construction Phase:

Assist in reviewing contractor pay applications. Make periodic visits to the site to observe construction relative to compliance with construction documents. Interpret contract documents. Additional jobsite visits and/or construction phase services will be billed on a time and material basis.


Standard Services do not include revisions to the scope, quality or budget. Additional fees shall be paid for these services based on our standard hourly rates. Our Standard Services are not included in every proposal – please refer to the “Our Services” section above



Additional Services

  • Pre-Design
  • Administer Construction Contract
  • Attend Hearings/Public meetings to obtain government approvals
  • Construction Management
  • Models & Renderings
  • Detailed Casework Design
Reality Sketch

Reality Sketch is a unique in-home consultation service offered by Frank Karpowicz Architects and Picus Woodwrights for homeowners on Southern Rhode Island.

It allows you to meet with an architect and a builder who will listen to your wishlist, offer you their ideas, provide you with solutions and give you a project cost estimate.

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